Lighter Vehicles for Fuel Economy

NanoSteel AHSS meets auto industry material requirements

NanoSteel is a new class of advanced high strength steel (AHSS) NanoSteel is a new class of advanced high strength steel (AHSS)

The Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations in the United States require improved fuel efficiency in future automobiles and light trucks every year through 2025. The miles per gallon (MPG) standard is progressively increasing at a rate of 5% per year averaged across all automobile models and 3.5% per year for light trucks culminating in a vehicle average of 54.5 MPG by 2025.

One of the primary ways for automotive manufacturers to meet higher MPG targets is to reduce overall vehicle weight, which lowers the energy required to operate the vehicle thereby increasing fuel economy. In this light, the Body-In-White system is the key focal point for automakers looking for fuel savings because of its weight reduction potential, importance to crash safety and impact on compounded weight reduction for other sub-systems, such as the powertrain. Structural lightweighting is also an important strategy for automakers as it helps meet fuel efficiency standards without any noticeable ‘decontenting’ of the vehicle or a need to convince consumers to downsize.

To meet the lightweighting goals of the industry, automakers have requested new steels that bring expanded capabilities to automotive engineers. These steels must have high strength to enable the design of thinner parts and high formability to optimize geometries all while maintaining vehicle stiffness and safety. 

NanoSteel has developed a new class of advanced high strength steel (AHSS) which delivers on these requirements. The company’s steels are stronger than their predecessors, allowing automakers to use thinner gauges of steel to reduce part weight. They are also highly formable, enabling innovative part geometries that maintain ride quality and safety. Given these compelling properties, these steels can additionally be formed into parts at room temperature leveraging existing manufacturing infrastructure.  The following video further explains NanoSteel’s AHSS for vehicle lightweighting.

  VIDEO: Redefining Steel for the Auto Industry 1:38

NanoSteel’s high strength, high ductility steel gives the automotive industry another reason to use steel as their material of choice in the pursuit of better fuel economy.


U.S. CAFE Standards 2017-2025

U.S. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations for model years 2017 to 2025 will require the miles per gallon (MPG) standard averaged across all models to progressively increase from the current 29.7 MPG for model year 2013 to 54.5 in 2025

Lighter Vehicles with Better Fuel Economy