Welding with NXG™ 1200

EWI Whitepaper on Spot Welding

Dissimilar weld joint between DP 980 (top) and NXG 1200 (bottom) Dissimilar weld joint between DP 980 (top) and NXG 1200 (bottom)

As an automotive structural material, the weldability of NanoSteel’s new advanced high-strength steel alloy, NXG™ 1200, is a critical attribute.

NanoSteel engaged EWI to evaluate the weldability of the material, both to itself and to other commonly used sheet steels.

EWI’s conclusion after working with the material is: “Resistance spot welding of NXG™ 1200 is straightforward when compared to the other advanced high-strength steels emerging. No significant deleterious phases are observed in the resistance spot weld in self-to-self welds or when welded to other current automotive sheet metal materials.”

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EWI White Paper

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