NanoSteel is an advanced materials company specializing in the design and commercialization of new advanced steels with exceptional mechanical properties derived from their nano-scale microstructure. Our expertise is in the design of proprietary steel chemistries and processing routes to target specific performance requirements. We partner with Fortune 500-level companies on production and global supply chain. NanoSteel has two current focus areas – sheet steels for automotive lightweighting and steel powders for 3D printing.

Automotive Lightweighting – Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS)

Automotive Steel


Automotive OEMs are compelled by increasingly stringent global emissions standards to find economic solutions for building lighter, higher efficiency vehicles without compromising safety and ride quality. NanoSteel solves the performance gap in currently available materials by offering sheet steels that combine the strength of some of the strongest available steels with the formability of mild steel. The resulting AHSS will provide substantial weight savings enabled by an entirely new level of design freedom. 

The philosophy of our company is ‘easy to produce, easy to use’. NanoSteel AHSS is produced at commercial scale by automotive sheet steel suppliers using conventional mill equipment. In addition, the material is designed to be used by our automotive customers in their existing parts stamping and assembly infrastructure. NanoSteel’s first AHSS, NXG™ 1200, is currently in validation testing with 10+ global automakers and Tier suppliers.

Metal 3D Printing – Atomized Steel Powders

3d Printing Powders


Industrial adoption of 3D printing for commercial parts requires expanding material offerings from a historical focus on polymers to metals. High hardness, with or without wear resistance, has traditionally been the domain of materials like tungsten carbide cobalt or high carbon tool steels. However, due to their composition, these materials are not printable. Existing alternatives have either insufficient performance or suffer from other drawbacks (higher cost or EH&S concerns). NanoSteel has developed a powder alloy platform that is easily printed at room temperature and delivers the combination of performance and cost that customers seek. New hard metal alloys for powder bed fusion are currently in development with launch dates in 2017. NanoSteel’s binder jet materials, BLDRmetal™ J-10 and J-11, with exceptional wear resistance properties, are commercially available.

NanoSteel was founded in 2002 to commercialize patented steel alloys developed through research at the U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory. At that time, the focus of the company was on hard and wear-resistant metallic coatings for industrial applications. In July 2014, NanoSteel granted an exclusive worldwide license of its metallic coatings portfolio to Lincoln Electric.

NanoSteel remains a privately held company funded by lead shareholders EnerTech Capital, Fairhaven Capital and SPDG and strategic investors GM Ventures and Lear Corporation.