Sheet Steel Partners

Advanced High Strength Steel for Automotive Lightweighting

Sheet Steel Partners

NanoSteel’s industry leading innovations in sheet steel design offer opportunities for both steel companies looking to develop new products, as well as automotive designers seeking affordable advanced materials for lightweighting. The company is also a founding member of LIFT, a National Network for Manufacturing Innovation Institute whose mission is to develop and deploy advanced lightweight materials manufacturing technologies across industry.

Steel Companies

As a steel alloy developer, NanoSteel partners with qualified producers with installed manufacturing capacity and existing customer relationships to bring the company’s materials to market and support global automotive platforms. Our demonstration material is the culmination of production trials performed by launch partner, AK Steel.  

Automotive OEMs

NanoSteel works with Automotive OEMs to bring our materials through validation testing and into production trials. One of our largest  automotive partnerships is with General Motors, which is a strategic  investor in NanoSteel through their GM Ventures division.  

Automotive Suppliers

NanoSteel also partners directly with automotive suppliers for the design of lightweight subsystems, such as our work with Lear Corporation on new solutions for vehicle interiors. Our team works with designers of components in systems from structures, to powertrains and chassis to understand requirements and establish a vaildation program.  

If your company is interested in learning more about how to partner with NanoSteel, please contact us