Manufacturing is experiencing a digital revolution, facilitated by new additive manufacturing (aka 3D printing) technologies. This revolution is opening new opportunities to create components and supply chain processes that were previously not possible. To enable the application of additive technologies for industries such as oil & gas exploration, tooling, die making, mining, and automotive, new robust and affordable metal powders are required.

NanoSteel’s expertise is in designing new steel alloys to reach targeted properties. Our patented BLDRmetal™ powders use conventional steel alloying elements in novel ratios to create a powder platform well suited to the stresses experienced in most additive manufacturing processes. We use the combination of chemistry and process to generate products with advanced performance in areas such as hardness and wear resistance. However, designing new alloys is just the first step in bringing a 3D printed product to market, so we also partner with our customers to design a full workflow – from printing parameters to post-process optimization.

In August of 2018, NanoSteel spun out it's Additive Manufacturing business unit and formed new company, 'Formetrix,' visit Formetrix Metals for all of your metal 3D printing needs.