Why Steel?

the world’s most trusted material is meeting the call for new material properties and performance capabilities

New Generation of High Strength Steel New Generation of High Strength Steel

Steel has long been the backbone of human civilization - from the skylines of our cities to the vehicles that crisscross the globe, steel is universal. Steel leverages the natural abundance and low cost of iron to produce a wide variety of properties and performance. As a result, it has dominated the materials used in transportation, oil & gas and infrastructure since the middle of the 19th century.

Yet, as elemental and ubiquitous as steel remains today, progress never stops and new challenges demand step-change improvements in performance capabilities. Other materials, like carbon fiber and aluminum, have sought to make inroads by stepping into that gap. But while adoption of these alternatives has increased for certain markets and applications, steel's prevalence, strength, recyclability, low production cost and significant capacity continues to make it the preferred and dominant choice for industry.

NanoSteel’s mission is to commercialize new generations of steel that will allow this venerable material to re-invent itself in the face of increasing demands so that it can remain the material of choice for the next two hundred years.